The Affiliate Program is an easy-to-join system that enables Webmasters to earn monthly paychecks by promoting the following:
Products in the Jazz Text Art and Cafe Press marketplace.
Products in the Jazz Text Art and Cafe Press shops that have opted into the Affiliate Program
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Earn a 15 percent commission on all qualifying products with a 30 return day cookie.
You can earn a flat 15% commission on sales from qualifying products in accordance with the Affiliate Commission Schedule. No messy commission scales or tiers to ponder. Plus, receive credit for all sales purchased within 30 days.

Becoming an Affiliate is Free and Easy
1. Review the Affiliate Agreement.
2. Complete the Online Affiliate Application.
3. Create and add your links to Jazz Text Art and Cafe Press
4. Begin tracking your traffic and earnings online

Banner Art
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Feel free to use the .jpg images from the home pages of and to support your marketing efforts.
Please contact with any special requests.